Monday, 19 March 2007

Help!! energetic 2year old

Since my last race and last blog I've decided not to do my last race of the season. There are many reasons. I am bored with the course, I have only done this race or variations of the same course since my return to triathlon 3 years ago. I still plan to do some but as training races when I return to olympic distance racing next season.

They are very good sprint distance races and for me they served my purposes which were cheap, local, low key races sprint races which helped me return to racing. They had to be sprints because of two young children that I needed to spend a lot of time with.

My partner Teresa and I are completely exhausted, children are full on especially Cameron who is a stereotypical 2 year old non-stop, tantrums, waking up in the middle of the night.

I spent the last month experimenting with different intervals on the run and bike and stated immersing myself in the Total Immersion swim programme. And we are off tp the UK for four weeks on Monday 26th (the day after what was supposed to be my last race of the season. I just know when to stop and recuperate and come back ready to be fitter, stringer and faster next season.