why the blog

I don't have any get rich schemes, life hacks so you cheat through life, I haven't got any Zen wisdom to pass on, other people do that elsewhere.

I try and live simply and quietly in a increasingly busy world, treating others the way I wish to be treated...with kindness, respect and acceptance. I love those closest to me the way I wish to be loved..with passionand a desire to make them happy.

I am only human and despite my best efforts I don't always get it right.

This is a place where I empty my head of my observations, joys, happy moments, frustrations, opinions and fears.

At times I can be a cantankerous old git (especially when I haven't trained), but usually I feel like a wide eyed child who is constantly amazed by the world and all the experiences to be experienced and all the learnings to be learnt.

Like any good website this one is evolving all the time.