Friday, 27 April 2007

Trip to the UK with 2 small children

With the psychological scars from doing the same trip when Emily was 18months old, still fresh in my mind we had decided to do it again. Emily is now almost 5 (going on 16) and Cameron 2 and a bit and had not been introduced to his Grandmother(the only reason for doing it). Fly from Napier to Auckland, Auckland to Hong Kong, to London, to Manchester and finishing with a two hour drive to Doncaster South Yorkshire. And then back again.

I'm not going to comment about my in-laws for fear of upsetting Teresa. Positives:- had some good nights and days out with Teresa and we are not going to be doing the trip again. Learning how much the human body can do with so little sleep.

Did a bit of running.

Arrived back Sunday22.

In reality I've had about 6weeks with hardly any training. Started with core stuff this week and gradually start the swim, bike run on Monday30.