Monday, 29 October 2007

Going the toilet

This blog is going down the toilet fast. It is a great place to dump my thoughts.

I was going to the toilet for my ritual, regular unload as usual, normally I dash in lock the door breathe a sigh of relief sanctuary. This morning however I was accompanied by Cameron. I've almost gottem used to the children watching me go the toilet but this morning I discovered it was particularly hard whilst holding hands with a toddler who is practicing his jumping and then wants to sit on my lap.

Anyway mission accomplished. I am usually quite proud of my achievements on the loo but I now have to admire said pooh with aforementioned toddler who insists on saying goodbye to everything including the former contents of my bowels. Daily activities do have new meanings when you have children.

More good blogs to read are Simon Whitfield (former Olympic Champ) and Lucho (another stay at home dad - I am not alone) please see links in sidebar.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

A balanced life and good beer

Pruning back trees in the garden gives time for reflection. With the sun on my back a decent beer drunk and a thoroughly enjoyable weekend always makes me realise how much I enjoy life. I enjoy it I decided because of the balance, I never get bored, there is always something to do and I can switch from one thing to another.

After the morning bike rides, playing with the children, going out for shopping (only the essentials) and coffee. The training gives me a sense of satisfaction all today and then I stretch and do core exercises when the children go to bed. Also knowing that business is good , plenty to keep the interest high and knowing that I have 3 days teaching the same class during the week. The only downside to that is the three days was brought on by the teacher (Ruth) lost a nephew in a tragic road accident.

I thought I would list the beer drunk this weekend. At present we have reverted to imported cask conditioned ale from the UK (otherwise known as real ale) and despite the popular misconception - never ever drink British beer warm. Anyway these come in pint (568ml) bottles and included 2 old favourites Fullers 1845, Marston's Owd Roger and a new favourite Greene King- Strong Vintage Suffolok Ale. Bewarned these beers are quite strong. I will post websites for these beers soon.

Friday, 26 October 2007

I suck at A races and other stories

Thought I was coming down with a cold yesterday and as I had a been a bit below par for Tuesday's bike session although I really enjoyed my 6 mile run Wednesday.

However last nights bike session ended the speculation, put in a bigger gear and went as I usually do 10 min warming upto HR150 10min building HR to 160 and then 4min going to 165 then 10 min warm down. It's all I'm doing but the main set is on intervals that vary every session, nothing longer than 4min nothing less than 1.5 min all with 30s in between and never do the same session twice. The idea is that the body never knows whats coming and therefore can't get complacent (this happened last year, lack of variety) and the intervals done this way makes it much harder than doing 10min in a straight block. I am adding 1min a week intil I am back up to 50min just before my A race.
I hate using A race idea because I usually end up doing much worse than I plan to, maybe it's the pressure I put on myself.

Ran another 6miles today. Took Cameron to Music group, Iam usually the only dad there and a sitting target for nice old ladies to chat to. On the upside they do fed me extra coffee and biscuits. Persuaded the bank to let me pay in cheque made out to my business into my personal account (don't have a business account - have a problem with paying fees). Having a day off websites to spend the time with Cameron because I have been very busy with 2 new clients , one is my first ecommerce site - so I am excited. I have to keep on top of the work because I know I've got another job starting in the next few weeks and then some updating and the possibility of my biggest job yet and a second website for one of my current clients. I just have to remember not to take on too much while I still have Cameron at home and I also still have teaching committments to get me out of the house.

Cameron is in the bath at present , he was sitting quietly on his bed and poohed himself. I needed to bath him because it gives me some free time, he is going to the doctor later because he keeps blinking his eyes a lot (more like closing them for a short period than blinking - if that makes sense).

I think I am addicted to triathlon websites and triathlon related blogs even sad ones like mine. I am going to ruminate on this and post more on it later.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I reply to my brother

'Sport to me is about keeping fit, healthy, young,being a role model for my family and energises me to spend time with them. You are also misguided about the camaraderie of an individual sport of triathlon. There is a worldwide community of people who commit to spend time living a clean healthy lifestyle and choose not to spend their time watching tv, smoking and spend their time watching other people take part in sport/life. There is nothing like the camaraderie of the shared 5 hour bike ride or the 5am run on a cold winters morning.
Would you believe I can give a pretentious answer as well. When you talk about a team game it sounds more like going into battle rather than having fun with friends, which is I thought the main thing.'

This why Chuckie V struck such a chord with me on his blog.

And of course after I replied I immediatley thought of thousands of other things to say.

Monday, 22 October 2007

I thought sport was about fun...

This came from my brother. Imagine it is spoken by an old before his time, fat, smoking white south african male who once coached rugby for four years.

Surely the purpose of sport, all sport, is to achieve perfection.
Perfection is the holy grail of any sport. It is the holy grail because it is never quite found.We continue to pursue it in the hope that we will encounter it.The fact that sometimes we come close is what gives us the passion and the belief to carry on. In individual activities, such as triathlon, we back ourselves against the clock. We plan and visualise how to execute our motion, seeing in our mind's eye that we can beat the clock. And we see the reward for beating the clock - it is beating the competition. This fails only when a competitor beats or matches their clock which may have been set faster than our own.Win or lose , triathlon for the individual is based on self dependency. In a team sport it is the collective.
In rugby it is having a man on the left and a man on the right who we chose not to let down. We are determined not to be the weak link.All 15 have an equally important role to play regardless of body shape and skill set.More importantly , each has the responsibility to demonstrate leadership when in possession of the ball - leadership is the highest of honours.All 15 have the responsibility to make intelligent , split second decisions time and time again. In rugby , we have the responsibility to play as two men , especially when our comrades have fallen .All 15 must be smart enough to psychologically dominate the opposition.In no other continuous sport can so much be asked of any man. And , because it is a hard , tough sport, we admire greatly those who stand up to heed the call of duty.You have to concede, despite your cynicism, there's a bit more to it then the plod plod plod of the triathlon.Perhaps if you could watch it with people who are knowledgeable and passionate about the game you may begin to enjoy it more. I can only imagine that watching it alone and not understanding it, must be frustrating.
So call it pretentious crap and chose not to see the romance and passion and fellowship.It doesn't matter.

It was his response to me saying mainstream sports i.e. soccer, rugby , cricket are over hyped money making enterprises.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Blossom, potty training and new pants

It's been a while since I wrote...

We had two week school holidays and it was one of the best mostly good weather, lots of activities with with children : built a bird feeder (no bird has set foot in it- Emily thinks the birds are scared of it.) and a swing hanging from the walnut tree. When Cameron sits on the swing he is so worried about falling off he leans forward and promptly falls off.
Talking about Cameron we are trying to toilet(potty) train him anywhere would be better than poohing and weeing on the floor. It is a bit like having a puppy in the house, to make me feel better a friend said she didn't know many 21year olds who were still wetting themselves (small comfort).

I'm hooked on watching the fruit trees develop their fruit, the pear trees are doing really well closely followed by the bought apple tree. The apple tree from seed hasn't had a single blossom (might be to young) all the citrus have flowers. It is only the peach trees not thriving, speaking of stone fruit, the neighbour at the back, his apricot tree that hangs over into ours lost all its fruit in the very high winds we've been having.

First race is in three weekends time the 'Icebuster' and I'm getting nervous. I have no idea how my swimming is going to be because all I have been doing is the drills with the fistgloves. Which I have to say are fantastic fun to swim with. I worked out a problem I was having that was causing me to take 2 to 3 strokes more per length extra (12/13s now 10s and even a 9ish)it was a slight difference in the timing of my stroke the so called pull phase with the position of my recovery arm. Word of caution please don't follow any of my advice on swimming as I am bad at it.

Cycling is blowing my mind at present, my short mid-week sessions ar causing to ride my rides at the weekend at low hr but for ok speed, whereas previous years I was putting in some effort on the weekend rides, all the effort is going in midweek , apart from some hills as part of the Saturday ride. did 26.5 miles today and plan on doing 30 tomorrow , gradually building my miles for my olympic distance return (the name standard distance triathlons -will never catch on)

I have bought new pants (please note the word pants has been used purely for the comedic effect) I actually bought some De Soto tri shorts low cut forza, mainly because everyone else is wearing them. I have been wearing De Soto trunks (see profile photo) bought in the UK in 1998. But since my return to the sport nobody else wears them and it can be quite lonely being the only one wearing them at a race. And as my Teresa has just muttered over my shoulder it is also embarrassing for her to have to point out the one in his undies. It maybe ok for Faris al Sultan but not for me.

Emilio De Soto is another innovative guy I admire , I love his clothing and his philosophy.

You must check out Chuckie V's blog (see links) on simplicity (I made my commenting debut)and living vicariously.
Jeff Keil did well at Hawaii read his blog.

I hope to squeeze in another post soon on has beens (or never wheres) who are living vicariously and talking crap about what sport is at the same time.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Interbike vs Reality, excellent blogs & making training fun

All the triathlon websites are talking about the Interbike bike show. Yes, I have been drooling over the pictures of the new bikes, all the aero bits and pieces. I liked Norman's new Kueen K and jealous that so and so is going to riding for quintana roo next year (I'm a big fan of Dan Empfield). But the bike that really caught my eye was the BMC Time Machine (cool name)But what ordinary triathlete person would pay US$12 000 dollars for it. I went out and bought another orange tree NZ$25 and a blueberry bush NZ$18, cheaper and good for me. I love walking around the estate watching all the fruit trees blossom and turn into fruit. At last count we must have at least 13 trees, 3 rasberry vines, the new blueberry bush and after getting rid of the old grape vine trying to grow a new one in a different place. I mustn't forget the very mature walnut tree which sheds loads of walnuts which are a hassle to pick up but worth it because they are delicious.

Two new blogs I'm reading are Chuckie V's for a light hearted and refreshing view of the world anf Jeff Keil an age grouper doing well. Always a good read and a laugh is Hurricane Bob on xtri but he has his own website And another guy worth reading is age grouper Ray Britt.

After resuming training I have made a few changes . Changed 53x12 big gear Saturday (I wasn't enjoying it as much) to riding in my normal gear 53x19 but finding hills, the smaller gear allows me to to different places , places that have hills and stay in the same gear lengthening,this ride by 1 mile a week (21 this week) and my Sunday flat ride by 2 miles a week (did 26 this week).. Also I've shortened my 2 mid week turbo rides to just over half an hour but at a much more challenging heart rate and increase the session by 1 minute a week until my goal race in February (return to olympic distance racing after 13 years).
I am using fist gloves for all my swim sessions now and I am relearning again about body balancing and position, again a step backwards so I can go 2 or 3 forward.
Running, although I could feel my ankle on Monday (legs were tired from weekend cycling) , I will complete 3 runs of five miles this week the most since April and the horrible trip to the UK.