Monday, 12 February 2007

Blatant drafting @ non draftng race

At the race yesterday I quit the race two thirds of the way round lap 2 of the 3 lap bike course. I had lost my mental urge to race as a pace line of 4 triathletes came past. These were experienced triathletes who should know the rules. Two of them I recognised and two I didn't. The latter 2 I had caught up on the the bike (after a very clumsy transition) and thought I passed, then I heard them talking behind me, I kept trying to get away but to no avail then they were joined by the other 2. As they drew up level, I sat up and shouted at them about drafting, they were probably too busy concentrating on holding each others wheel. As I slowly carried on towards a race marshal and complained, they looked like a well organised team, all dressed in the same black and white tops.

I know I definitely beat two them regularly on the bike (one of whom has nice yellow bike with disc wheel and aero helmet) and I caught the other two up. After they went by I just couldn't be bothered so went back to transition and complained to Jeanette the organiser. The thing is they are small local races, we are mostly members of the same club, the club puts on the races, the organiser is a member of the club.

I've up my mind to go back to olympic distance races on tougher courses because I enjoy them and they are fairer races. I will be able to train more because cameron is sleeping much better now. I am also going to have my lactate threshold tested ina weeks time my present to myself for my 40th birthday. I've also got too decide to buy a decent wetsuit for next season or to upgrade the gears on my bike (13 year old carbon and aluminium Specialized Epic) from 8speed to 10 I can't get both. I was thinking the gears because the wetsuit is not going to work unless I can swim. Swimming is going well I'm using a lot of the drills from total immersion (completel relearning hoe to swim through balance) and all I can say is at this point is that I am definitely not swimming much worse than when I was thrashing up and down the pool.

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Feeling fantastic

Landscaping the garden or turning it all into fruit trees and grass is now almost over. Almost finished putting the firewood away ready for winter (this is done in the summer when the wood is cheaper). Winter in Hawkes Bay New Zealand is not the same as winter in Canada or even the uk. It is cold in the mornings and at night but during the daytime it can become quite warm. Except in the house because it was built in the 1920's out of weatherboard with very high ceilings and is very cool in the hot summers but hard to heat in the winter. We use a wood burner in the main living room and gas heaters in the bedrooms, etc

The real reason for this posting is to say how wonderful I feel having started to experiment with speed work. I've dropped a third of my training volume (this was never very high - I've always had an aversion to doing lots of training) and started easing into what I call speedwork. My next race is the 11 Feb and the final one 25 March which will be my first race as vet.

The only downside of training on the bike at 7pm and really enjoying it, I get off the bike on a real high and can't sleep for ages. Speaking of sleep we've sorted Cameron's sleep issues out and we are now getting more sleep

The race on the 21 January was really enjoyable despite really hot and very windy conditions. Worked really hard on the bike (3rd fastest) and despite feeling yuck on the run had the fastest run time even though I jogged the last bit. As for the swim all I can say is I did my best. Although I've realised I'm so worried about navigation again I've been lifting my head to look around too much so I've been practising a set number of breaths before lookin up.

We're off to buy grass seed, weedkiller, a waterproof sheet for my daughter's bed and then I am going to try and fix her electric piano (she thinks I can fix anything) and finish sewing extra elastic onto my wifes fuelbelt, its a giving birth to two children problem, she also thinks I can fix anything.