Sunday, 31 December 2006

New Year's Resolutions

For the record I don't believe in them, anything I want to do I plan for it and do it.

Biking at the weekend

I decided to go out on the bike on Saturday and I'm pleased I did my fastest average speed ever for my loop at the required heartrate. I knew that I was going well, Sunday wasn't quite as fast but it was windier. I'm really really enjoying cycling at the moment. I had an enjoyable run on Sunday and will go out New Years day morning for the first time in a long time (it used to my little tradition).

Cameron is sleeping really badly at present, we can't leave him to cry at present because of grandad but when he is back in his own room we will hopefully sort it out. There are only 3 nights to go.

Saturday, 30 December 2006

Night out at pub

My dad is visiting from the UK for a month and goes home next Thursday so Teresa suggested I take him out for a drink. We went to Rosie O'Grady's and despite my best efforts had slightly more than planned. This combined with Cameron waking in the night really put me off going for my normal Saturday 5 mile run and possibly my bike ride later. I am not a big drinker, especially if it might affect my training and I'm not bothered about going out - I've got plenty to do at home. Part of me thinks missing a bit of training isn't a big deal especially at this time of year (mid summer in New Zealand) because it would ease me into training after missing last week. I've had some good training this week especially enjoyed my 2 40min turbo (wind trainer) sessions mid week. But there is the compulsion side of me which says unless you are sick you train.

My main triathlon aim this year is to just make it through the 6 club races which are stretched through the season. This would be my first full season of races of any sort since 1998. Although I am a long way off my best season in 1996 BA (BA = before arthritis) where I raced 7 Olympic distance and about 8 sprint triathlons and numerous running races. But it is a start and it will be a small but significant step to the fitness I once had .


After about 3 months of having a sore left lower back I finally went to see an osteopath. I am sure it is from lifting the children all the time and thought it would just get better. The osteopath agreed abot the cause and soon found the bit that hurt 'ouch'. I will hopefully get rid of the soreness soon. Now I just need to get rid of my arthritic wrists and big toe.

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

When compulsion takes over

After a dreadful night's sleep Boxing Day night being kept awake by awful loud music which went even louder at 12.30am I had to go round to ask politely to turn it off. This isn't the first time , I've been round at least 5 times already

Cameron got me up late at 5.30am. Compulsion made me go for my run at 6am, at 8.45am the music started again. Once again I went round but this time I was met with verbal abuse and was laughingly told I couldn't do anything about it. As we were getting ready to go to Pandora's Pond, the music went even louder and so did the singing . This was done for my benefit, I rang the Council's noise control department who assured me they would send an officer and if need be would issue a Noise abatement notice. If they didn't comply with this notice then their equipment would be confiscated.

When we arrived home,after a very enjoyable day of swimming (2 laps of the pond for me) and then having lunch at the Thirsty Whale, we were greeted with silence andthere hasn't been any music since. So far so good!

Teresa and I were feeling exhausted by this point and there was going to be no bike training later but Emily, Cameron and Grandad Bill all fell asleep a about 2pm giving Teresa and I time to relax. We were able to read, Teresa did some work in the garden and I worked on the computer (or was it blogging?). By the time they all woke up 2hours later we were refreshed and I was ready to train on the bike at 7pm. Leaving me feeling happy and this was followed with no loud music and a good night sleep. And a lie in till 5.45 next morning.

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Pandora's Pond

The 'pond' is almost a lagoon that is part of a tidal estuary in Westshore Napier (25min from my house - this is a long way in Hawkes Bay terms). It is the scene for the Hawkes Bay Multi sport club's excellent summer series of 6 sprint races, with shorter introductory races and also a short series of women only races. It is a fantastic resource which borders onto a wildlife reserve. The club has open water swim training on Thursdays over summer. I an unable to do the organised training as I do almost all my training on my own, I train in the pond when I can if the weather is fine the children play on the playground, etc.

Family comes first and I work around it - it works quite well for me , my training is strictly timetabled, I have to do it in the allotted time or I don't get to do it. When I had more time to train as a student or as a tri bum with ideas of greatness, I would often put it off till later and later never came.

I was going to write about todays training and how it was affected by the drunken inconsiderate slobs that are our new neighbours (thank goodness for the noise control officers) but I will tomorrow.

Monday, 25 December 2006

Unexpected Christmas Day training

A real test of mental fortitude, strength and patience came in the form of erecting a child's climbing frame (a present for Emily). Made harder by Emily trying to help by 'reading' the instructions and telling me what to do and Cameron walking away with the pieces. As my Dad says 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger'.

Mental strength is vital.

You may notice my last mental exercise in the background 'Walnut cottage' Emily's playhouse I built earlier in the year, I would post a plan of it but there wasn't one. All the finer details are not quite finished yet but no one cares except me.

Merry Christmas

Q:Where do rabbits learn to fly?
A: In the hare force!

Q: What kind of pen does Kojak use?
A: Abald point pen!

Q: What never asks questions but plenty of answers?
A: A doorbell!

What is very tall and stands in the middle of Paris wobbling like a jelly?
A: The trifle tower!

The jokes in xmas crackers just don't get any better or they just don't change.

Season's greetings

Sunday, 24 December 2006

Christmas Eve

The sunny weather has returned.

Went to the beach at Ahuriri and played in the sand and sea with children and my dad (grandad visits from the UK most Christmas). Got home had dinner, finished cleaning while children in the bath. Cameron in bed early and then Emily, unfortunately she is extremely tired and over excited and has tantrum about going to bed.
Resort to threatening non-arrival of presents.

In spite of all this mind is on how I am feeling - missing training - planning training for Boxing day and fiddling with flipping blog. I think that my partner Teresa thinks I am addicted. She reminds me that I said I wasn't going to work on the computer today (I design websites working from home). I say that I am fiddling with this blog and that she will thank me when she starts using blogs with her class. (I was a school ICT specialist in my previous life as a teacher)

Yes blog is addictive for the time being.

Training plan for Tuesday
  • 3mile run 5am
  • 2 laps of pandora's pond 9am
  • Turbo train 40min 7pm
  • stretching (religously since arthritis

Frustrating week off training

Second attempt at creating a blog, I never saw the point until stumbled upon other triathlon related blogs.

Here in the southern hemisphere we are in the middle of race season. The week before christmas I am recovering from a cold/tiredness/stay at home dad of 2 young children/building a web design business and relieving primary school teacher - choose any or all excuses/reasons.

It is particularly frustrating as I raced badly last weekend and I know what I need to be doing to fix it (speed work on the bike and run). Swimming is a different ball game - I am a bad swimmer- and I am trying to find the holy grail of swimming Balance in the water. This balance in the water will mean I can use my arms for propulsion and not just survival. I am the butt of jokes at the pool because my swimmimg appears even slower.

Anyway christmas eve -clean toilet, clean bathroom, clean vacuum cleaner (and it's still not working despite removing tonnes of hair from the brush roller thing). Triathlon training my release especially the bike saturday and sunday not possible because the afore mentioned reasons. All the cleaning and playing with kids are points to be banked for later especially as I want to do open water swim training without the family tagging along.