living with arthritis

It wasn't always this way, it came from out of the blue and it stayed. I was one of the fittest people around, getting faster and faster in my chosen sport and then I became a cripple.

This may seems dark and depressing but that's how it felt in October 1998 when I woke up one morning to find that I couldn't use my body

Even during the time when Teresa had to dress me I still rode my bike to my teaching job, although I couldn't climb out the pool I still swam, running wasn't an option...because underneath it all the tears, the pain, the frustration what I discovered about myself was that I was an optimistic, positive person and full of self belief and that is my starting pont.

I've always known that often in the most negative moments in life positives emerge 'Every cloud has a a silver lining'. I'd already had an experience of this when my mum died at the age off 44 by cancer.

More to come...