Friday, 4 June 2010

Still seeking motivation for training

Training is still a struggle at present. There seems to be so many other things going on, with children , the house and of course the big trip to the UK where I know I'll have no training opportunities unless I can start running again. I plan to try tomorrow.

My best training has been cycling to and from swiming twice a week and my longer weekend ride. I've been enjoying swimming after I've made myself go. And last Sunday I enjoyed cycling in the rain.

Last weekend we finished most of the packing for the move on the 11thJune and the waiting has been getting to us. specially as one day this week I had to drive over to Napier 3times. We keep saying afetr the 11th we will hardly be using the car.

Business is also so very busy and I've had good responses from long term clinets about the redesigns of there websites. My favourite is Ericksen Honda particularly Matt who is so upbeat and positive and really appreciates my effort. He passed on a compliment from the Honda bosses in Auckland who apparently loved it and wished the main Honda website could me more like it.

Other fun clients are twin wedding photograpers, one has recently just recovered from a disease that almost took a leg but she is still more positive than some of my other clients.

A new project I thought I had just finished, a simple online registration of tradespeople who would be matched to jobs by an agent, has just become a lot more complicated and is evolving into something bigger minute by minute. The clients Sue and David are just realising all the possibilities there 'simple' website could do. And now they have big plans and I just hope I have the skills or can learn the skills for what they want.

These are all positive people who appreciate my efforts and knowledge and advice. But I get a lot of negative people who don't say thankyou and just nit pick about nothing. I had a new experience yesterday, a client who runs an electrical company, wanted me to do another website for his wifes holiday home business. So I finished meeting with them and went straight to talk to one of their employees who I just finished a website for his holiday home. He told me he basically didn't like part of the design (an essential). I consult my clients about the design and way before any coding is done then I show them and consult again after I have coded a proper page because as I go along I make changes, take things out, add details or something might not work as well I thought. But he decides to tell me this when it is finished this has never happened at this stage of the process before. I always have a meeting after I've finished, a sort of refinement meeting , changing little tings maybe a word here and there or a photo. I went home in a grump and had to recode my pages. I wasted an afternoon I had earmarked for another client. And there was no thankyou or a sorry. I just try and remember the positives and try not to dwell on it.

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