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Like any good website this one is evolving all the time. This page is a work in progress.


Two children, partner Teresa and the cat Sparkle. Teresa and I first got together at Edge Hill collge/university in October 1992. We had known each other from the college swim team and we shared a minor study area of Afro-asian studies. Her major was Geography (this included dating peat bogs and sattelite imaging and human geography - our courses over lapped here) and mine was Urban policy and Community Race relations - a left wing study of the development of social policy from the start of the move of populations from rural to urban areas at the time of the industrial Revolutiomn to the modern day. Yes I know but I very interested in it at the time and when I added the minor of Afro-Asian studies it was perfect because we also studied religions impact and ecomonics, etc.

And we haven't really been apart since - we just seemed to fit. In many ways we are completely opposite - left side, right side of brain thing. So completely different but we have lots in common. And I know personally Teresa has helped me grow and develop as a person but without trying to change me - even though the things I do make her cringe sometimes and hopefully I have done the same for her.


I'm interested in improving performance through nutrition as nature and our primal ancestors intended, improving running technique through learning to run barefoot, relearning how to swim with proper techique. Include barefoot running links, total immersion swimming


The majority of people just don't care!

Primal Nutrition (Paleo)

Eating wholefoods to maintain and repair the body



Will include links to personal finacial blogs for people trying to clear financial debt. Everything from frugal living, to spending consciously. e.g. get rich slowly, frugal dad,my open wallet, stop buying crap, I will teach you to be to be rich, etc

Anti-Rat race

I.E. Art of non-conformity, Extreme retirement, etc