Saturday, 2 October 2010

Barefoot running

In preparation for barefoot running , I've just started doing some barefoot walking. And even though I have been walking in minimalist shoes that have worn holes in the sole nothing really prepared me for barefoot walking. I had done some barefoot walking around the smooth footpaths of Napier town centre and it was okay. However when I tried to tackle the walk that I do with the children to school it was a completely different kettle of fish.

Too start with I have been doing it at 6.30am and it is colder which makes the feet more sensitive and Friday morning it had been raining and every grain of sand sticks to your feet which also makes it harder. But despite all that never have I taken so much notice of every single foot step, felt every single grain of sand, imperfection. It is amazing that what looks like smooth is not when you're not wearing shoes. And the crux of the walk is a few metres where there is no footpath and I have to go on the road. And this road is made from very rough asphalt lined covered with gravel of sharp volcanic rock which is more commonly found on rural rodes and is very slow to cycle on.

I've survived 3 walks and I'm going to persist because I know it will get better. Because I had to adapt to minmalist shoes to start with. I think that if it has rained I'll wear my huaraches. And I plan to keep my early morning barefoot walk going and walk everything else in the huaraches and I'm going to go back to cycling to swimming so I can spend more time swimming.

Talking of swimming I plan to start swimming in the pond this weekend brrr....

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