Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cameron's first hockey game

I almost forgot Cameron played his first hockey game(6 and 7 year olds) two Saturdays ago and his second was the Saturday just gone.

Scores were secondary to having a lot of fun but in the first they lost 12-0 and the second 8-4. But considering all but one of the team had never played a match before they did okay.

They train on Monday's afterschool with another parent and I have just started helping mainly because I am there anyway, as a teacher I can help her be more effective with her coaching because she kept repeating herself over and over and the children being children weren't focussed, she wasn't doing anything wrong in fact the hockey stuff was great there is a skill to teaching that has to be learnt. So on Monday I asked her if I could give her some advice in that department and she seemed really rleieved and said that in the 3 weeks she had been doing it her control seemed to be getting less as they got used to her.

When children are well managed they learn more and the coach/teacher has an easier time.

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