Friday, 3 April 2009

Garden news:Greenhouse & new fruit trees

We've been wanting to buy a greenhouse for the past 12months but the ones we found were really to expensive right now. Then a few weeks ago we went to Palmers garden centre in Napier(they have coffee shop and a great children's playground) and we found this greenhouse approx 1900mm by 1200mm for NZ$249 about a quarter the price of other similar sized ones. I have already got tomatoes going. I also planted pepper and aubergines. I am using my bucket method and plan to put in some more. I'll try and get a photo soon.

In addition we got another apple tree reduced from NZ$30 to 15 and another feijoa variety for $10. I have been clearing the front of all its old trees and ivy (which is a killer). I was slowed down when the electric chainsaw I had for 12months died the second time I used it and it took about 5weeks for repairs / I was actually given a new one. I plan to plant the new feijoa at the weekend as part of the plan to replace the old trees with a hedge of all different feijoa varieties. In addition I am going to move an exsisting feijoa tree from the middle of the garden to also be part of the the hedge because if I don't it will bug the symmetrical part of me that will feel annoyed that its not with the rest.
It's funny I don't feel that away about all the others trees, although I didn't feel our exsisting apple tree needed company.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - seperate your needs from your wants.

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