Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Weekly training 10Aug- 16Aug

Worked 3 days in Teresa's class. I spent the time teaching them how to shoot videos finishing of what Teresa had planned with them. With that and school production rehearsals I had a blast. Just how school could be if it didn't have all the boring bits. They are also training for the annual cross country race. I ran with them on Tuesday 7laps around the school with the faster boys. It had one hill done 7 times (only 2.5 miles)combined with my lack of hills in training, done faster than usual in different runnig shoes = slightly sore legs next day. To make things worse I ran after school Thursday while waiting for Emily who as sports, the school is on top of a steep hill so of course I went down the hill ran for 40min and then overdid back up the hill. I could hardly walk for 5 days...must start doing my hillier courses in training.
2x2200m total:4400m with ankle band and balls
2x60min turbo total:23.14miles (all with heavy resistance, in largest gear)
total: 8miles

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