Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Weekly training 8Feb - 14Feb

The missing ingredient - harder faster work. After my downer from the race I had a swim session of 15x100m on Friday (which I haven't done for a while and then on Saturday I did a timed 2400m swim in the pond. I just swam normally and put in a hard effort in the last 200m. The time was 37.07min. So I was relieved - I knew I was swimming ok. I think at the race I got complacent after Whangamata and I got myself boxed right in the middle of the pack, lack of racing. And on Sunday's bike ride I rode really well. I am now where I should be a month before my first race not at the end of the season. In swimming I'm now doing lots of timed 100s and always timing myself in the pond -accountability. I felt embarrassed about my last performance.
2 swims total:5100m
2 rides total:53.02miles
2 runs total:15miles

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