Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Weekly training 25Jan-31Jan

Had an easy week in swimming and cycling.
Only one pool swim . I was supposed to swim in the pond but the weather was atrocious. Wettest January in Hawkes Bay for a 10years total:2700m
2 bike rides. Sundays ride on the road was another 3 hour ride in torrential rain .I decided I had to harden up in the UK I used to ride in all weather rain and snow in winter, this was warm summer rain. I was also thinking what would Armstrong do? What would Whitfield do? What would Brownlee do? The answer each time was ride in the rain. total: 52.49miles
3 runs and loved it. total:25.5miles

Racing next weekend at Kinloch hopefully I've fixed my bike setup issues and should actually finish - I'm in really good shape.

yesterday the children and I were stuck in the house all day because of the weather and Teresa was at a teacher only day so I read the Michael Phelps book 'No limits'. It reinforced in me -to do what others won't. This what I have been doing learning to swim from scratch starting from just floating, swimming with the ankle band and balls in each hand , to undo all my bad habits. To aim (dream)really high - this means for me my goal is to swim 20minutes for 1500m, which I am told is impossible for somebody my age - soon to be 43 from a none swimming background. And lastly I got from the book the correlation between hard work and success. I have seen the difference already in my swimming in open water by taking the plunge and adding 500m of band swimming per session in my pool swims. I am planning to add another 500m in the build up to my race in Wellington on the 13th March.

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