Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Car day

This may sound odd but this is the first day since we have been the new house that I am actually going to use the car all day. Normally I walk everywhere (including to swimming) and even the children have surprised me by wanting to walk to school there and back every day. We even walk into town for our coffees.

This was always one of the main reasons we moved so Teresa could go on her own to school(walking) and then I would bring the children later. We thought they would have to adapt to it. It has been much better than expected - I filled the car with petrol about 3 weeks ago and I'm hoping to make it last at last another 3 weeks if not longer. I drove to the farmers market in Hastings at the weekend because I wanted some free range pork, bacon and ham.

Which brings me to today Emily is complaining of feeling sick but being half way through the term she may just be tired because not only is she walking to school they do cross country running most days, she has ballet on Monday, Kelly sports (sports programme) on Thursday and swimming lessons on Saturday and then she walks with us at the weekend. I think it is great and it is how I was brought up with plenty of exercise. Both the children have no problem getting sleep often going to bed early. But today I also have Cameron's class to trip to the library and we are supposed to walk, I am typing this whilst looking at the weather trying to decide should I leave the car at home knowing that if it rains I would be expected to tale children in the car. There are slightly grey clouds but a lot of blue sky and the forecast said it wasn't going to rain...

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - separate your needs from your wants.

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