Friday, 22 April 2011

Learning to play guitar

I don't know if I have ever mentioned that I am a completely musical dunce. However that is changing - Emily is having guitat lessons at school through an independent guitar tutor and Teresa and some of the other teachers are also havin lessons paid for by the school as part of their professional development. Teresa plays piano, clarinet, recorder to a very high level and has tried to learn guitar before but struggled. But this time the guitar tutor Jason ( plays in a well local covers band Naked Gun) seems to be just what Teresa needed. Both Emily and Teresa are enjoying great success and I was prompted to have a go. I'm not having lessons I just started going through the well known songs and chord sheet, Jason had provided, and started having a go 30 minutes everyday. For 2 weeks I kept it completely secret but I felt I needed some help from Teresa so I told her. I'm finding it quite addictive and have almost the same sense of enjoyment as when I am front end coding a new website. The only downside is my arthritis in my left wrist plays up the morning after and this is what stopped me learning the guitar on a previous occassion.

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