Thursday, 27 October 2011

Still in recovery mode

Still recuperating but back doing some work and enjoying the lifestyle I signed up for : time to read a book, practice the guitar(sometimes twice a day), play with the children and train. Each year I have a period of intense work for a few months just to ensure that I have enough money earned for the year and then I can relax. Although this time I think I overdid it.

On the training front I'm up to running 3x a week of 6km each time in my runamocs 2mm sole no insole. I only have slight discomfort on the inside of my left ankle. Last Saturday I ran(not a race) the 4.5km run route of my local sprint triathlons. About a third of it is on flat but very stoney trail which was a bit too much for me in my runamocs and socks but once on the road section heading towards the finish I really started flowing and was running quicker. I was 10min slower than I have run in a race but the that was mostly tip toeing throught the stones on the trail

I'm really in a positive frame of mind and hope to be racing on the 4 December although it depends on my swim times in training. I've been back swimming in the pond since the 1st Oct as usual and it just didn't as cold this year and my feet haven't been as cold (they are generally warmer and that is down to barefooting). I have my first time trial first week in November and if the signs are good I'll race - my goal is to only race if my swim has continued to improve. My ankle weight is up to 1.5kg when swimming in the pool and when I first swam with that weight and the balls in my hand I thought it was a challenge too far but het 2months later it is still hard but my body has yet again adapted. But this week I am swimming 6 times 3 pool 3 pond and I've noticed by the end of each session it is a case of survival.

Every second week I am doing a time trial on the bike on the turbo and then practicing flying mounts and dismounts. The idea of timetrials every second week is to imitate racing a lot (when I raced my best I raced a lot). And true to form I had a disppointmenting time trial last Sunday and as a reulted I got annoyed with myself so I ramped up my training this week and it was fantastic. And that is also how my racing used to happen in my best seasons start with a few bad races which fire me up for the rest of the seasons racing and training. So we shall see

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