Thursday, 6 October 2011

Whew! Computer makes me sick.

I'm just getting through a 3month period of work where at the end of it the thought of turning on the computer made me feel sick. 2 weeks into recovery and I'm slowly getting back into it. I am working a little bit each day on different client's work. It could have been worse I had a couple of clients who are struggling to get their content to me, another who usually has a lot of input but he is very busy so I'm slowly working on his. And I quit another job completely because 2 weeks into the project I saw that the client and I were on a different wavelength and I didn't have the energy to try and persuade. I'm not taking on any new clients now until maybe December or January which gives me to time to finish a few jobs and do work for existing clients.

I took on a lot because it came along and to guarantee having the summer off but there is no point if I make my self sick in the first place. And to be honest for most of it I enjoyed being really busy and having a variety of projects and my skills became better .. but you can have too much of a good thing.

I plan to do an update of training and plans to race soon

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - separate your needs from your wants.

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