Thursday, 17 November 2011

Quick garden post

I need to take some photos of the new garden detailing the changes we've made and what we have growing in the way of fruit. We have planted for this summer and are growing successfully:garlic, tomatoes, beans, peas, courgettes, celeriac, beetroot, pumpkin, radishes. Herbs:basil, rocket,oregano,majoram, rosemary and mint which is taking its time. The soil in the old hoses garden wasn't very good, it was very hard and we didn't do a lot to improve the soil by double digging but are new garden we have raised beds existing and one I built we put in our own organic compost, horse manure ,organic sheep pellets , I even dug in left over fish carcasses and on top of all this we bought some very nice top soil.

I do plan to take some photos now I can face working at the computer but I can only do an hour and half 2 hours max.

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