Thursday, 17 November 2011

New swim PB

This is the reason my garden post was so brief... I just swam a new pb. 11.24min. But what makes it better is that it was in really rough conditions. The longest stretch was into a very strong wind and waves and the rest it was side on wind and waves some of the roughest I've experienced on the pond. I've also had a tiring day : ran 20min at 5.30am , walked the children up the hill to school, I then walked back up to coach the 2 cricket teams (beginner grade that play Friday afternoons) and then back up the hill to pick Emily up from school. I would have normally had the car for cricket and then gone to swim at the pond but Teresa needed the car to transport children to the same pond for optimist yachting, so I had to go at 5.30pm and I wasn't feeling to good.

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