Sunday, 14 January 2007

Hot and humid for training

Did some excellent training this week despite the heat and humidity and did some more reading on cardiac drift when using a heart rate monitor. For swimming I am using an excellent drill from Aeromaxfor trying to find balance in the water. I swam at the pond using my olod wetsuit because the one I bought from Barry was holding too much water. I'll train in the old one and use it in the race on the 21st. My shoulders where really tired from using the garden rake. I was raking out topsoil to plant grass seed, and as I discovered if you add a twist you get an excellent abs workout.

Teresa raced the Splash Dash (small local swim run race put on by the club) at Frimley 50m pool on Wednesday, I marshalled the kids race and looked after my two while Teresa raced. We didn't realise until after that it was her first race as a veteran and she won.

Teresa started running with the Hawkes Bay Marathon clinic today in an effort to ignite her running and thoroughly enjoyed it. They meet at 8am Sunday morning which means I can only get out on the bike about 10am. I am flexible, Teresa's fitness is very important to me. She is contemplating a return to triathlon albeit half the distance of sprint races (she hates training on the bike).

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