Sunday, 9 September 2007

Tired legs and excellent art

Below is a picture that Emily drew on my father's day card. It is her and me (I'm the one with spiky hair and whiskers) and we are doing our silly chicken dance.

Indoor session tough Thursday night didn't get to heart rate targets because legs felt really tired and I couldn't push a bigger gear without blowing up.

Friday night swim - I love total immersion , I've just ordered the fistgloves. Purchasing the dvd, etc and learning to swim properly is much cheaper than buying a new wetsuit and anyway Hawaii is wetsuit free.(this is my goal in 3 or 4 years time.)

Big gear Saturday is going very well (quite exciting), it is leaving me tired for Sunday but Sunday is just easier endurance miles. In the past I have done too much of the same training and that resulted in my plateau or even possible backwards development on the bike last year.

Just finished helping Emily produce a poster for her talk to her class on 'How to plant a mandarin tree.'

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