Sunday, 16 September 2007

I really was sick & Can you be a web geek and tri geek at the same time?

What an absolutely awful week. We have all been sick, Teresa still is. She had three days off work and because I was sickI couldn't teach her class which was really disappointing as they are a really fun class to teach. Not only that I had a class to teach at St Mary's, a really great bunch of 12/13 year olds. I hate letting a school down.

On the positive side as there is always a positive side. I haven't missed much training because it was my planned 6 days off (apart from swimming) with my new swim technique training it isn't such a big deal I no longer worry about the elusive 'feel for the water'. This brings me to my next positive, I have dealt with being sick and not training very well. Next positives new website client Aquahawks swim club(just depending on them getting funding), an existing client (as in paid a deposit and needs to choose from design ideas) has got back in touch again and another very likely in a couple of weeks. My quiet time gave me a chance to finish a few things off and do some reading and tutorials. Talk about life long learning, everytime I think I am advanced in CSS I come across stuff that makes me feel like a beginner. So to find out more I just bought 'designing with web standards' by jeffrey zeldman and he produces for webgeeks. I am not or ever will be a webgeek although I do know people who would disagree. It is just like I am not a tri geek although again I know people who would disagree. Is it possible to be a geek in two different subjects at the same time, surely having two interests stops you from being a geek at all.
Back to jeffrey zeldman css and web standards guru (this must be the first time I've returned to an original topic without help) he is keeping it real for me because I am making the effort and striving for complete web compliance I am doing a good job because there are thousands of designers out there who aren't even trying. He includes in his book examples of large commercial sites that could save time, money, improve accessibility and future proof their websites by using web standards.

I can tell by the dazed look you haven't a clue what I am talking about, I recognise it because Teresa uses it on me a lot.

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