Sunday, 2 September 2007

Fathers' Day

When I first became a dad I really couldn't be bothered "Just another commercial invention" blah, blah. However a few years down the road I've had a complete about turn. My children gave me a beautiful homemade card, Cameron gave me a Triathlon/Multisport mag (I never buy magazines these days) and Emily bought me a Duvel gift set. Duvel is a Belgian beer and the gift set is 2 bottles and the special glass. I have a particular weakness for Belgian beer or Trappiste style beer. They are very strong, anywhere between 7% and 10.5% and the strength doesn't really impact on you until after you have knocked them back.
Anyway back to my liking for Fathers' Day, as most people know it is hard work and the better you do at it the more tiring it is, so there is an element of I feel I deserve to be a fuss of, but as I was walking with the family this morning for a large coffee and huge blueberry muffin, I felt a huge sense of wellbeing and pride holding the hand of my 5yearold daughters hand. And as Teresa pointed out Emily (Cameron is still a bit young) wanted to make a fuss of me, she also wanted a cake not sure which she wanted the most.

It is now Sunday afternoon, Teresa has gone for a swim, the children are playing nicely and I have time to sit and type this, and reflect on my easy 20mile cycle this morning and my big gear ride yesterday. My gardening has been restricted to continuing to prune the bushy trees in the front and plant some grapevine cuttings from Peter next door.

Tomorrow I'm going to post a picture of my trusty race bike. I have also thought I might do a gear review of cycling gear, assessing their durability - nothing is allowed to be less than 9years old, so the list would include my desoto racing trunks/briefs (see my profile photo) , my Look cycling shoes, Giro helmet, Pearl Izumi cycling top and shorts, Look pedals, Selle Italia saddle and lots of bits of clothing and of course my racing bike.

This blog definitely very random.
I say this because in my half awake/ half asleep state last night in between singing songs from Cameron's music group I invented water orienteering were all the checkpoints are underwater. Equipment needed would be wetsuit, snorkel, mask and flippers, I'm sure it will catch on as quickly as underwater hockey.

More random musings soon

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