Saturday, 7 June 2008

Thoughts on the way to swimming

I realised last night as I drove to swimming (Friday night swimming is for people with no life) that I have never considered myself a swimmer. I have always thought of myself as a cyclist and a runner. I wonder if it is because I have never really stoppped riding a bike since I learned to ride when I was 13 and because I took up running when I was about 19. I was and still am an ok runner and cyclist but I have never considered myself a good swimmer(because I wasn't).

I am really enjoying fist glove swimming I do believe it is working. I have had fastest run splits in a triathlon a top 3 cycle split but never anywhere near the top in swimming. Because when I asked myself why do I still go swimming I answered I want to have the best swim split in a triathlon, that is the dream.

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