Monday, 25 August 2008

Weekly training 18-24 August

Weekly Training
Swim3 sessions with fist gloves. Alternating 200's and 100's making me concentrate on stroke. Alternating adding shorter stuff now in fistgloves with no legs (held together -try it and see) and no fistgloves with band around legs. Aiming to be able to swim with the band and fistgloves (again try it). 4300
Bike 2x60min McCormack style intervals I've dropped down gears to concentrate on increasing my cadence to above 90- the problem I found is that I often found myself without a gear that suited the cadence and hr I needed to be in , often the gear was too high or low. So I am warming up and they see what gear I can sustain. Again I used to this before the hr monitor. 1x42.5min strength on trainer trying to do 40+cadence in 53-12 whilst keeping hr as low as possible around 130. 35.57miles
Run3x4mile despite feeliing like I am plodding (running as I feel )times are getting quicker12miles

Don't let the amount of miles fool you into thinking I'm not doing much. Technique , aerobic efficiency, bike position are the best investment I can make to go quicker.

Weekly core Training
Swim cords2 sessions Building specific strength - 10 on each arm twice with the cords even tighter
Back2 sessions
Abs2 sessions 8 different exercises based on crunches and leg lifts
Weights2 sessions with dumbbells
Push ups2 sessions - some moving side to side and Hindu push ups
Stretching6 sessions

This was my first full week of training for about a month due to illnesshopefully as we move into spring I will avoid anymore colds.
I'm still not sure if I'll be racing the local sprints this summer because of boredom but at lot of it is my swim - what if my swimming is still rubbish after all the work and my biggest problem getting to train in open water. I feel it would be easier to hideaway until the following season when I can afford to travel to a race elsewhere and try out my swimming away from my local tri scene.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - seperate your needs from your wants.

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