Friday, 29 August 2008

Does someone have it in for me...

I enjoyed my first full week of training last week, the first full week in about 4 or 5 weeks. I was also looking forward to this week. Swimmimg was going great I've started doing some of my swimming without the fistgloves with a band around my ankles. I have done this before but stopped in favour of the fistgloves, the band also serves to improve body position and catch/pull because if they are not right your legs sink rather than float. But I am now doing them after I have done 1200m with fistgloves. On Monday I did 2x150 and it was amazing how easy it was, The other challenge is swimming with fistgloves and no kick has a similar effect to band.

Anyway I woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday in absolute agony I have no idea why but the leftside of my neck and back are locked up in pain. I was teaching in Teresa's class Wednesday and Thursday having a great time but on Thursday everytime I laughed with the children I was in agony and that made them laugh more, which made me laugh more. Apart from the pain I was in it was teaching and learning how it should be - a lot fun.

I did manage to cycle on the turbo last night because you need to keep your upper body still, running this morning was out of the question and probably swimming tonight although I might go and just flop(a term from Chuckie V - see his blog great read) and try and loosen it up.
Got to go and read to Cameron and warm my homemade soup up ready for lunch.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - seperate your needs from your wants.

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