Monday, 24 November 2008

Weekly training 17Nov-23Nov

2300m very good
61.19 - although this maybe in question as the computer on my road training bike seems be playing up. I thought so last week, as I like to go out and back the same way on a ride, last week I was sure I turned around at 15miles which would have given me 30 on my return but it said 28 I thought I had just made a mistake. But this week on a different route I set out to do 32miles, I made sure the computer said 16 when I turned around but when I got back it said 33.62miles. I did it was slow and tortuous going out but there was an extremely strong headwind. I cleaned the contacts of the computer as the problem seems to coincide with when when I last used silicon spray on the bike. I'll use it again next week and see then I'll try new battery and if that doesn't resolve it I'll have to get another one.

The mileage isn't that important I can base it on time, Iknow roughly how much time I want to ride for. The mileage is imortant to my obsessive compulsive side that like to track it and it's nice linear progression in my training diary.

Also my old red turbo trainer bit the dust Friday night, the 'fixed' fan flew off across the room. I put my bike on Teresa's cheap magnetic trainer thinking the load and ride would be rubbish. (I had such an experience on one I owned 12 years ago- the only positive that came out that was I learned to spin a really high cadence).

But I was pleasantly surprised. It was great and Teresa says I can use it until she wants it back (which is likely to never as she has a hate hate relationship with cycling).
3x8 - mostly very good except for Saturday morning after the turbo session Friday night. It was a case of just getting it done (hardwork) it gave me an opportunity to practice managing discomfort and reinforce my practicing being patient (I have a habit of getting impatient near the end of a run- which you can't afford to do with longer races like Ironman.

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