Monday, 17 November 2008

Weekly update

weekly training

Took an easy week this week- just listening to my body.
just 2 swims total 2300m, bike 1x8mile run and 1 bike 30miles. Legs felt sore and tired after the one run much worse than after a full week of training.
Produce from the garden

Still learning to take photos of things close up

Optimist yachting

I had the opportunity to help Teresa take her year sixes yachting on one of their sessions. Teresa is in charge and is trained but she has been sick and the children would have missed out so I took her class and she came in for the yachting afternoon while I did the policing and organise the putting away of the yachts - a job that requires a loud voice, bossiness and muscle. There were parent helpers but they don't know how to organise a large group of children, don't know how to be get them to do things and the children know they don't have any authority over them. The picture is of Teresa doing preliminary training in the school pool.

and finally..

As I mentioned Teresa has been sick so I took her class for three days. On Monday I had the pleasure of meeting New Zealand olympic triathlete Andrea Hewitt - former world under23 world champion and top 10 in the Beijing olympics. She was in as a prize for the school because the school had entered the most children for the children's weetbix kids triathlon in the local area. The school's entries and encouragement was arranged by Teresa. Did I ever mention that Teresa is the ultimate teacher - the school doesn't know lucky they are. She is also jointly in charge of ICT and runs a school orchestra. This is why I hate her teaching because she is exhausted all the time but she loves it. I get concerned because when I taught full time I was the same and I burnt out really quickly.
I have too say Andrea was a delight, very humble and I am convinced she will be a world or olymic champion. And don't tell Teresa but quite attractive in real life.

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