Thursday, 7 May 2009

Feijoa hedge & police emergency

I was just going to post the photo I took of the new hedge 10 feijoa trees but something very newsworthy happened. In Napier a man shot at unarmed police who were carrying out a routine house search looking for marijuana. One officer was killed and 3 were wounded. It happened on Napier hill which is where Napier Central school is were Teresa teaches and Emily goes to school. The suspect was also said to have explosives strapped to him. The school was one of 3 evacuated and residents inside the police cordon were advised to kepp down and out sight. Napier and Hastings aren't large places and it was proved today that the suspect was the uncle of a boy that was in Teresa's class last year. He was already an unhappy boy (I had taught him as well)his dad had committed suicide a few years ago. More info on At the time of posting the event is still happening.

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