Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Teresa and I are feeling yuck at the present. Mentally exhausted from the children who both have hacking coughs but according to the doctor there is nothing we can do it will get better (it can take up to 6weeks) and we just have to put up with being woken up.

I'm fed up with marketing, obsese people and the sense of entitlement people seem to have. At the weekend I called out the noise control people at 5.30pm because the ugly people next door had their noise on so loud we couldn't hear ourselves think.

Had a lousy swim this morning never got going, I might be tired or getting a cold.

A phonecall from Ian the principal at Napier Central , Teresa's boss. Wanting to know could I put back the intranet. I had redesigned there intranet with a content management system for them to add links, videos, examples of cool digital work done by the children. The problem was I sent them an invoice on the 4th April and still hadn't been paid by 18th May. As I told Ian this is the second time this had happened the last was the previous month. The woman in the office told me she couldn't pay before the 20th of the month, I checked with my accountant and he told me her reason was only partially right. I didn't make a fuss I just sent along the second invoice expecting it to be paid by the 20th it didn't.

So when Ian said that he didn't know what had happened between office woman and me (as in personality thing) I told him it has nothing to do with it, I said it is purely business and gave him the example of the first invoice and how I had tried to be accommodating. He himself knows that this woman is a law unto herself so much so that board of the school is having an external auditor come in to review office practices because they have had so many complaints. I held back from saying that he is her boss and it is his fault it has got to this situation.

I did say that I had done a lot of work cheaply for the school and I support Teresa in her role as ICT co-ordinator. I also rely on goodwill between myself and my clients and that this is the first none payment issues I've had to deal with and shouldn't have to chase payment when he suggested that I should have rung the school..

I told him that I was trying to keep the website business seperate from my teaching and Teresa's teching at the school. Then I should have stopped talking because I launched how exhausted Teresa is because she does way more than her fair share. The most recent is the school production. She is teaching the songs to the main characters at lunch time and yet still has to get 15 different costumes made for all the different roles her class are playing. Whereas the junior (teaching children younger than 7) have one type of easy costume to make and thats it. So I told Ian she is thinking of leaving the schoo or a different teaching team, because her present team leader likes long bring after school meetings to analyse the stats from tests that don't mean anything. Teresa would shoot me if she found out.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - seperate your needs from your wants.

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