Friday, 30 October 2009

Weekly training and life

Where to start? Over the last 3 weeks I've been feeling really tired and not really enjoying training just getting it done, feeling grumpy and the continued poor winter/spring were combining to get me down. I know it is time to back off when I have to make myself go train and even not hearing my alarm clock go off.

I had a rest week about 4 weeks ago were I only trained one session of the 3 disciplines, then had 2 full weeks (and they were good weeks) but then I had an easy week last week when I only did 2 of my usual 3 sessions. Then it was supposed to back into two more full weeks of training but I still felt exhausted on Monday at swimming but swam really well but felt shattered afterwards , I just I'd overdone it especially as I had swum 2 quick in Pandora's Pond the day before (second open water swim of the season and it was very cold). Come Tuesday morning and the rain was coming down in bucket loads I and just couldn't 10miles on another rainy day.

I tried a turbo session on the bike Wednesday and all I could of was reasons to get off although at the end it was okay. I didn't run yesterday (Thursday), no swim today. I might run tomorrow I'm going to see how I feel and hopefully I'll do 2and half hours on the bike on the road Sunday and three laps of the pond Sunday afternoon.

All this hasn't been helped by being stressed with work, this doesn't happen very often I usually pick my clients and not take on too much. A job I just finished was for the rudest client ever for a month everything was going great, until she got fussy, demanding, ignoring my advice, wanting complicated things done quickly and changing her mind constantly with a deadline I never agreed too. I almost quit when she got really offensive saying my work was for want of another word rubbish.

So I told her what I thought of her behaviour I was calm , polite but firm and I explained to her her website was looking so bad because she had ignored my advice about how much content to add and that if she insisted on doing it her way it would break the design which is of course she did and it did.

It was a typical situation where somebody doesn't know anything about the subject but ibsists they are right. I took to emailing her all the stuff that needs to be on a website that goes unseen such as the testing on all the different browsers, refining the coding.

She made me feel sick.

I've spent the last few days catching up with my other clients who are all very patient laid back people who are a mixture of existing clients having another website built, upgraded, refrshed and a couple of new ones. I explained this to this other client and said I must be doing something right because I 've got long term clients and this year I've had a lot of referrals.

On top of all this it is Emily's ballet performance week - this means lots of extra practices, late nights and the performance s on Saturday. I'm going to go and get her now.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - seperate your needs from your wants.

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