Monday, 25 January 2010

Weekly training 18Jan-124Jan

A great week of training my best for many years. I did something in each of the 3 disciplines that challenged me both mentally and physically.

SwimmingI swam a main set of 3x500m with ankle band and 60sec rest. I had done 3x400m previously which had also been a challenge.

BikeI rode to the bottom of the hill into Waimarama like I have been doing but this time I went back down and did it a second time.

RunI put up my mileage to 24.5 miles the .5 was a repeat of the hill half way on my ten mile run.

3 swims total:7200m
3 bikes total:65.37 miles
3 runs total: 24.5miles

Easier week next week.

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