Monday, 17 January 2011

The plan to Ironman

Second barefoot run today - photos to follow but our new camera(Teresa won it) won't download on my old computer.

I am planning to do New Zealand Ironman the year I turn 50, I turn 44this March so it gives me 6years . It is held the week of my birthday 1st of March the race is 5 March. I have never been one for the log bike ride so I plan to set a target of increasing my Sunaday ride by 2 weeks before my birthday each year, this will follow the plan for ironman. This year is 50mile, I haven't done that or longer since about 1996. And I'll increase the length by 10miles each year. I have to be really comfortable mentally and physically for longer rides and I have always thought that many people rush into longer events without putting in the aerobic miles and rely on eating the whole way on the ride. I have memories of me in the early 90's riding for 60miles with a bottle of water and a single banana. Not fast but fit aerobically.

The long approach will mean I can save up the money , gradually replace gear and the children will be older and My run technique which I'm working on now will be sorted. The goal will be to get around comfortably under my time set in Lanzarote in 1994 which was 12.06 - Lanzarote was/is a really hard course so I should be okay.

In the mean time I will race locally until I decide I am good enough on the swim and bike to have another go at travelling the country to Olympic distance - I just don't see the point of paying out all the money to race if I'm not going to be reasinably conpetitive - been there done that.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - separate your needs from your wants.

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