Sunday, 23 January 2011

Torrential rain ruins training plans

Normally on a Sunday is my long bike ride followed later on by 4x250m(approx)hard in Pandoras Pond which after Fridays swim in the pond when I set a pb by 22secs for that session I was expecting another pb however the weather has spoilt it.
Ihad 47moles on the road planned for the bike and normally a rain doesn't stop me but we are in a real tropical that tends to last 3 days and it was just too heavy to go out. I did an hour of hard intervals on the turbo instead.

Training has been very consistant since our return from the UK in July, I don't know if it is the lack of running that has given me more energy or the right level of effort on my mid-week bike sessions but I have hardly missed a session and had no easy/recovery weeks. That have been some weeks were I haven't wanted to train but I make myself start the warm up or even have a longer warm up and that felt fine. Yesterday I did my short barefoot jog in heavy rain and my ankles are feeling a little sore but I felt no tiredness and was looking forward to today. It is almost I have passed through a stage were my body has adapt4ed to the hard work. A bit like this guy Paulo Sousa (a former coach of Simon Whitfield) talks about. But we shall see.

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