Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Pandora's Pond

The 'pond' is almost a lagoon that is part of a tidal estuary in Westshore Napier (25min from my house - this is a long way in Hawkes Bay terms). It is the scene for the Hawkes Bay Multi sport club's excellent summer series of 6 sprint races, with shorter introductory races and also a short series of women only races. It is a fantastic resource which borders onto a wildlife reserve. The club has open water swim training on Thursdays over summer. I an unable to do the organised training as I do almost all my training on my own, I train in the pond when I can if the weather is fine the children play on the playground, etc.

Family comes first and I work around it - it works quite well for me , my training is strictly timetabled, I have to do it in the allotted time or I don't get to do it. When I had more time to train as a student or as a tri bum with ideas of greatness, I would often put it off till later and later never came.

I was going to write about todays training and how it was affected by the drunken inconsiderate slobs that are our new neighbours (thank goodness for the noise control officers) but I will tomorrow.

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