Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Interbike vs Reality, excellent blogs & making training fun

All the triathlon websites are talking about the Interbike bike show. Yes, I have been drooling over the pictures of the new bikes, all the aero bits and pieces. I liked Norman's new Kueen K and jealous that so and so is going to riding for quintana roo next year (I'm a big fan of Dan Empfield). But the bike that really caught my eye was the BMC Time Machine (cool name)But what ordinary triathlete person would pay US$12 000 dollars for it. I went out and bought another orange tree NZ$25 and a blueberry bush NZ$18, cheaper and good for me. I love walking around the estate watching all the fruit trees blossom and turn into fruit. At last count we must have at least 13 trees, 3 rasberry vines, the new blueberry bush and after getting rid of the old grape vine trying to grow a new one in a different place. I mustn't forget the very mature walnut tree which sheds loads of walnuts which are a hassle to pick up but worth it because they are delicious.

Two new blogs I'm reading are Chuckie V's for a light hearted and refreshing view of the world anf Jeff Keil an age grouper doing well. Always a good read and a laugh is Hurricane Bob on xtri but he has his own website bobmina.com. And another guy worth reading is age grouper Ray Britt.

After resuming training I have made a few changes . Changed 53x12 big gear Saturday (I wasn't enjoying it as much) to riding in my normal gear 53x19 but finding hills, the smaller gear allows me to to different places , places that have hills and stay in the same gear lengthening,this ride by 1 mile a week (21 this week) and my Sunday flat ride by 2 miles a week (did 26 this week).. Also I've shortened my 2 mid week turbo rides to just over half an hour but at a much more challenging heart rate and increase the session by 1 minute a week until my goal race in February (return to olympic distance racing after 13 years).
I am using fist gloves for all my swim sessions now and I am relearning again about body balancing and position, again a step backwards so I can go 2 or 3 forward.
Running, although I could feel my ankle on Monday (legs were tired from weekend cycling) , I will complete 3 runs of five miles this week the most since April and the horrible trip to the UK.

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