Thursday, 3 January 2008

All New Year is....

All New Year is for me and Teresa is an excuse to have a bottle or two of wine and treat food bought from our Christmas holiday budget. We went to bed at the normal time the noisy neighbours were silent (the neighbourhood was like this before they moved in). I just don't find New Year that exciting, I always have lots to be excited about and look forward to so it is just another day.

I mentioned Christmas budget that is because all our money is put somewhere. We are obsessed with paying off the mortgage on our house early and now that we paid for a few essential bits of work we plan accelerating this paying it off within next 3years. It is a bit of a gamble because we are getting close to needing a new roof and we only get things we can pay for without resorting to credit. The house was an exception although we did have a deposit of 33%. The roof is corrugated iron which has been known to leak a bit in the kitchen. If this happens I usually climb up and knock the nails back in. The gamble is: if we leave the roof until the mortgage is paid off will there be more expensive work to be done on the roof (i.e. rafters).

We spent yesterday morning at the beach and playing with Cameron I slightly twisted my right ankle (the one that had the injury) hope it will be okay for my next run. I had run at 5am that morning and hadn't felt my ankle at all.

Swimming is usually a bit tricky this time of year , my normal pool closes down for 4 weeks for repair so have to go to another pool during the day instead of in the evening. This is a pain because it means time away from the family. However I am coping and have started trying to apply all my drills and new knowledge to actual swimming (still wearing the fist gloves).

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