Sunday, 20 January 2008

Remembering what to write

I am only managing to blog one day a week usually like today on a Sunday or Saturday morning. This leaves me with a problem , I forget all the happenings that happen earlier in the week I want to blog about. (Lousy short term memory). So I kept a list.

Training is going well, lots of reflection, variety: aiming to get more efficient less big chain ring stuff more at 90+ cadence work= more enjoyment. I received my very first compliment for swimming yesterday. The pool I have been swimming at over the christmas ( summer holdays) has a an sort of aquarobics class where older people mostly women workout in the deep aqua jogging lane (the pool is used a lot for rehab) and they ride noodles (noodles are long thin tubes of foam - they look like they are riding horses whilst pedalling - it is very funny to see a herd of these - I wish I could take a photo).

Anyway their instructor and a couple of the ladies were very interested by my fistgloves and they were very interested in them. What brought me to their attention was my swimming and this is the compliment - they were drawn to me because unlike the others swimmers in the pool I was making very little splash. I wasn't splashing them which I took as a huge compliment. So after talking to them I swam off catching one of the other swimmers very easily. This swimmer starts his session great but as he goes on and he starts to get tired his form falls away, he still works hard, as his form gets worse he tries even harder. He is a young guy just starting in triathlon - I want to say to him stop, go and get proper coaching. Because in him I see me 18 years ago, my swimming has really held me back and I didn't really realise until it was too late.

We held a garage sale yesterday to try and get rid of baby clothing, it wasn't terribly successful we made enough for a trip to a coffee shop. But it wasn't that important we were going to give most it to a charity anyway and we has sold the baby furniture on Trade Me and will do the same for the buggy. The best bit was Emily got to play shopkeeper and really loved the responsibility. She has just got up and came in singing wanting a cuddle so I'd better go.

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