Sunday, 6 January 2008

Post ride recovery

I had a chuckle to myself about articles I had read about post bike ride recoveries and this consisted eating and sitting with legs up for at least half an hour.

Mine consisted of a quick shower, bite to eat and then being jumped on, walked all over by Cameron and Emily. Too finally complete my full recovery I spent the rest of the afternoon perched at the top of the ladder trying to scrape this awful mauve coloured, textured coating off one of the lounge walls. Teresa and I both have lost so much skin off our knuckles because this stuff is like a cheese grater. We have been putting off doing this one wall because I have also got to partially knock out a disused fireplace and board over it. We have been living in this house for four and a half years and we are decorating very slowly.

Teresa is of the opinion once decorated by us we don't need to do it again ever! and if the children want to change the colour of their bedrooms when they are older (and they will Emily's room is bright yellow and Cameron's is bright green), they can do it themselves.

Did 30miles on the bike yesterday through Havelock North and along middle road with a tail wind for the five miles of climbing and then the head wind for the return. This meant I was pushing for the whole ride and legs were shattered. But I thought this is were if I was leading a stage of the tour de france or ironman I might have to put in some more effort , so I did , head down and put in a big effort and the result was a big smile, good feeling inside and hopefully strong legs.

I will be staying on the flat today.

Swim report: applying drilland skills to my swimmimg WHAT A BLAST!!!!

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