Sunday, 27 January 2008

Tomatoes attacked by birds

Last post I mentioned I had a lousy short term memory so I had to keep a list of events so I could post them here. Well...I forgot to keep a list.

Fortunately my headline this week made it easy for me to remember . My tomatoes are being eaten by birds. The yellow cherry ones and the big red ones it happens just as they start to ripen and even though all week I kept an eye on them it still happened. I went and bought some more bird netting. I thought I had been clever and covered the veggie garden where I have lettuces growing with the bird netting I already had but no they went for the tomatoes. On the gardening front one of the local garden centres were having a discount on Feijoa trees (feijoa is a fruit I think may be native to New Zealand) the fruit has a flesh inside (you don't eat the skin) that tastes like it has grit in it. It is very yummy but I prefer to drink it as juice.

Other events: Cameron (almost3) and I spent some time on Friday decorating his new giant toybox with hand prints (it is very hard for a 3 year old to keep his hands still). Yesterday I was supposed to be inserting the clock mechanism into a wooden clock Emily and I had been making for her room. Unfortunately I hadn't drilled the hole large enough and it got stuck, I had to take it out for some reason, it wouldn't move I tried forcing it with a hammer and it broke. In my defence I was tired I had been on the go all day doing lots of little jobs, children at me all the time I just went and had some alone time.

Other news : I have an old friend from the UK coming for a visit next Tuesday. I know him from around 1990 when I started in triathlon (he was already involved) so looking forward to that.

On the training front it is going really well

Running is really comfortable and I am throwing in little changes of pace to keep it interesting and giving myself a time to finish the run in, this isn't a challenging target it is there just to focus the mind to keep average speed up.

Biking : I am thriving on the new variety, and better warm upsand it seems that my big gear session is getting easier and I have gone back to my old target heart rates. At the weekend I am aiming to keep cadence above 90 but nearer a 100 when possible with HR above 130. And going back to warming up and riding in easier gears is giving me more variety in where I cycle and more enjoyment. I really do feel I am breaking out 'I'm just doing sprints because I have a young family' mentality and I feel like I am relearning how to cycle. It has been 12 years since I raced Olympic distance and I've said before you can bluff your way through a sprint race but double the distance you have to be fit and I wasn't. I am the fittest I've been for 10 years but unfortunately I was at my best 12 years ago. So still a lot of work to go.

Swimming is good especially Thursday, however Friday I was back in the pool and it wasn't as good. This has happened before after a session when it has been great, I think over confidence and less focuused concentration as if the stroke will just happen without thinking. Which it does to a certain point but I am suppose to be practicing perfection. I aim to make my weakness my strength -that is the challenge.

A couple of nice quotes I read "I do what you won't so I can do what you can't" that sums up my swimming with total immersion and fistgloves and "eat to live not live to eat"

Ps: I'll try and post pictures of toybox and clock later.

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