Sunday, 17 February 2008

The final piece of the puzzle...

The final piece of the puzzle is practising good recovery and knowing when to back off and not force thing. I never really got this and like so many compulsive types I always had to get the workout done at the required intenity, no matter (unless it could be proven I was really sick).
Bike:After last Saturday's tough ride, I had a great ride Sunday no real hint of the tired legs from the day before. Tuesday is when I do the first of my 2 harder threshold interval sessions and I often look forward to these but this time I wasn't looking forward and had very tired shoulders. (I had been soring down trees at the weekend -although I have done it befor). I decided to start the session but I just knew that my HR wasn't going to climb the old me would have exhausted myself in doing the session, the new me backed off span for a little bit and got off after20 min.
All other sessions gone to plan.
Run:Monday's run was also hard and I wasn't looking forward to it. However running a few minutes after getting up at fiveam is often like this so I've learny to get out the door and start moving slowly and see how I warm up. I missed Wednesday morning's run because of the tiredness I felt. I often feel the night bike session followed by the morning run are an integral part of one session.
Swim: Started concentrating on my legs - stopping the none rotation kick leg from splaying out (this makes sense to me) and my swimming felt better than ever.

Nothing much else to report, business is busy again despite the job I didn't get. Aquahawks swimming club have their funding and I am excited about their design, just doing the last few changes to text and images for Andrew's Excavating business, annual auction updates for Ashley and Graham at Fernhill Stud (one of my original clients - initially (about 4yrs ago)did a redesign of their existing website , then a completely new one, and small updates for on of my wedding photographer client who needs some bigger changes soon (she passed on a nice compliment , saying that a lot of her clients chose her because of her website). Waiting to hear back from a guy from the UK who has big plans and lots of potential design work (no backend) if his own business takes off.

It is weeks like this I feel it won't be long before I can work full time in it and not teach and although when that time comes I will miss the classroom I look forward to creating the flexible working environment I want so I can achieve my athletic dreams.

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