Sunday, 24 February 2008

Life is good, leg pain and teaching starts

I have been suffering leg/hip pain discomfort attributed to the cycling cleat wedges. I decided to remove one therefore making the rise on the right instep less severe. As usual I had added another one months ago because the ones I had added were working and I always think if this works one more might make it better. Anyway removing it has already made a difference.

run; made my second week of running 24miles. Although I almost didn't make it on Friday. I had to use every mental trick in the book to get myself out the door. My leg was stiff and I had a stiff neck. The really stiff leg was probably after removing the wedge and cucling on it Thursday night. But I also slept very badly and had to get up at 4.50 to make sure I ran before geting ready to relieve in a yr2 class (6year olds). I got out the door 'just to see how it was going to be' then 'I'll turn and go back but I'll just go a bit further' and gradually I new I could run.

bike: very good sessions on the turbo Tuesday and Thursday but Saturday I did Middle rd which starts a gradual clinb at 10 mile and goes mostly until I turned around. There was a tail window and I went almost a mile further on the way out than I planned. The return was a nightmare the wind was so strong I was almost in my lowest gear going downhill. I averaged 15.2 mph 2.2mph slower than last Saturday . I was just happy to get it done and legs felt really tired. I just hope the wind drops for today last Sunday I did a flat ride and I hated it because of the wind 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. There is a lot of satisfaction completing a hard ride whether it is hard mentally or physically.

swim: Concentrating on a smaller kick that helps me rotate because when I do it really hard it cause my legs to open like scissors. So I am keeping my kicks small and tring to spear my entry arm into the water. On Friday night I finished with 4 25m without the gloves. And it felt great my outstretched out just floated in front of me, the hand felt like it had a good anchor point in the water and when my other arm entered the water the front arm automatically pulled without me consciouly making it pull. I think it did exactly what TI and fistgloves are supposed to. On top of that I have started using my swim cords again prompted by an article on the Vasa trainer. I just do 10pulls on each arm (not a lot of resistance) concentrating on pulling back with a high elbow.

I have been taking Cameron on his trike (me pulling him) to Kindergarten this week trying to get his legs turning correctly. He has had about 5rides on it. While I was clearing up some big tree braches in the front garden (both emily and Teresa were sleeping) yesterday he stops helping, comes back with the trike and pedals a bit. Of course I stop and get him to go up and down the driveway. I want him to be riding his proper bike (without training wheels) by the time he is 4, Emily did this when she was 4and a half. But I have a better idea what is needed.

Emily is doing great in swimming. They get in the school pool almost everyday and has her lesson on Saturday.. It is very important to me, not just because I would like her to be involved in triathlon (she will - the clubs puts on lots of races for children) and I don't want her to struggle with the swim like her dad but we live near the ocean and it is just a really important life skill. We are thinking about getting her involved with surf life saving not pool swimming. Teresa thinks it will be more social and variety of fun activities. I immediately thought it would be better for her triathlon swimmimg. I am not a pushy dad, as long as she is involved in sport I will be happy but if she chooses triathlon I will be even happier.

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