Sunday, 10 February 2008

Grumpy and tired linked to Cameron's waking

Cameron has been waking quite a few times through the night and increasingly early. Saturday morning he woke at4.50am we left him to cry but he kept it going till 6. One of the reasons I run at 5am is to do it before the rest of the family wake up. So he was now threatening what I call my free time between 5 and 6 7 days a week which is my time to do what I want. He has had a bad cough so I went to the chemist to ask for medicine that would help his cough and would help him (and us) sleep. It seemed to work he slept from 6pm to 5.30am without any waking in the night, it is the waking in the middle of the night that is the biggest problem.

I remembered to keep a list this week of things to write about.
Run:I ran 24miles new biggest week since 2003 I am going to try and be consistant at this mileage for a couple of months until I am running them well. Although Monday and Wednesday I did make the mistake of running to make a time which makes me run harder (but still aerobic) than I want (although now and again it is okay). What I call running well means getting used to the different distance, becoming comfortable, aerobically and inserting some play (fartlek) if I want. When this feeling happens (as if I haven't done much) every run then I start thinking about increasing the distance. I think the mistake a lot of people make is they don't just run comfortably, they want to be faster or longer yesterday and head to the track or increasing their distance. However there is no shortcut to fitness.
Swim:A new large lady has started swimming in the lane next to my beginners lane(most people move into a 'real lane' as soon as they can)she is very pleasant and her name is Sam. She is a returning swimmer, speaks her mind and claims to says things at the wrong time. She had been asking me about the fistgloves (I am often asked about them) and I was explaining about efficiency, body positioning, etc, etc. At the end of the next length she stops me again and tells me my legs are flaring and looks like I am kicking from the knee, but I have a nice upperbody rotation. I was told the same thing by the new masters coach at the end of last year but I thought I had sorted it. But in my search for swim improvement I have to be brutally honest with myself I have developed a new bad habit. A powerful bad kick. Total immersion says the propulsion and rotation comes from as the recovery arm enters the water and surges forward and the 2 beat kick will just happen because it is natural. I think this kick has happened because I started off wearing fins and then I discovered because of my better balance I could kick and then I decided (subconsciously to kick hard).
Sam was apologising for sticking her nose in. But I was grateful for taking the trouble of telling me. I know what to do to change it .

Bike: Has a bad patch for 4mile (between 20 and 24 miles) on Saturday but came through it and the legs felt a bit yuck on Tuesday's turbo session. It could of been from increasing run distance, running a bit harder, Cameron waking us up in the night or missing cycling last weekend. On the positive side most of my riding I did exactly what I wanted and I was completely comfortable on the bike for the 29 miles. Because since using the wedges on my right shoe I haven't always been comfortable.

Work:I have been trying to get some bigger websites to do because of the bigger challenge. I thought I had landed one last week but I think I lost it because I couldn't work to her deadline and wasn't going to compromise myself. Almost finished a small site for locl excavating company but my online muffler company is on hold because Daniel the owner has a few issues to sort out. Thats all I have at present until the Aquahawks swim club get their funding through. I am getting lots of enquiries and seeing anothet possible client next Tuesday. If I have a quiet period I want to rewrite my own website and I am redesigning Teresa's school intranet for free , it is my contribution as a parent now that Emily is attending the school.

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