Sunday, 3 February 2008

Busy, exciting week

An old friend steve was coming to visit he is New Zealand on 3 week flying visit from the uk. He is a short, ugly , vulgar man that used to have red hair and beard and makes me laugh he insults me and I insult him. He is 10 years older than me and we first met (he reminds me) at my first ever triathlon in 1990 and he was counting my lengths and taking my swim time (he was already an experienced triathlete by then) and apparently I complained to him that he miscounted my lengths. I was so bad at swimming and cycling I didn't race another tri until 12months later and actually did some training but I was hooked and steve became one of my training partners and one of the old hands who fed me advice and I was soon outperforming him. He came late Thursday he had been staying a few days with another old friend and former triathlete from my old club in the UK Jo, she lives on the North Shore in Auckland not far from where I used to live but she hasn't been there very long.
I hadn't seen Steve since a visit to the uk in 2003 and then we just caught up at my dad's place. We kept in touch via email. It was good to catch up and find out about other old friends , what they were up to, etc Steve no longer races triathlons he still likes to keep fit but he lost interest and he also says that the rising cost of races in the Uk didn't help. He is leaving this morning Sunday (some idiots tried to break into his hire car last night - it was parked outside the house). We live in a very quiet street in Hastings a small town in Hawkes Bay New Zealand and we have had anything like that happen before. But his car is new and looks sporty but isn't, we moved it down the drive way and closed the gates .

Other events Cameron started afternoon Kindergarten and it is hard to say who is the most excited him or me because for me it means I get three afternoons to myself after dropping him off so I am free to concentrate on me (or work). He turned 3 on Saturday and we had a picnic at Cornwall park, the children and made a star shaped cake.

Teresa decided she is going to race the Bloke Triathlon today (she decided at short notice) she last did this race before she was pregnant with cameron (I think) distances are 300m (in the pond), 14km bike (2 laps of the pond) and a 3k run. Teresa used to do a lot of sprint tri with me back in the uk and has struggled to get back into it. She isn't a big fan of cycling but likes calling herself a triathlete . So we got a very quiet stationary trainer so she can pedal away while watching the soap shortland st. She doesn't watch much tv but shortland st is how she unwinds. I love watching race because in the past and has done welll on very little cycle training. It is important that Emily sees her race as she is Emily's most important role model.

The impact on my training.
Bike: All of the above means that I will be missing my cycling this weekend. I was goin to have an easier week next week so it isn't a big deal missing 2 bike rides.
Swim: Still really enjoying it and steve came along Friday night. Steve is now the rehab business for people have been sick are sick , overweight, etc and has has a degree in the science of the physiology (not quite sure the actual title) so I have enjoyed talking science of training and nutrition, etc
Running: My runs are now 8miles and feeling good. This week becuse I didn't know when steve was arriving I was doing my bike sessions in the morning, usually I do them Tuesday and Thursday nights and run Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. My legs definitely felt fresher but I like to run and tired legs I think it makes up for lack of run miles.

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