Sunday, 9 March 2008

Busy week and feeling rested

I had about 7 days off and I feel normal again. The really wanting to train itch started and I ignored as long as possible. First session was on the turbo Thursday, my heartrate came up fine. I had already decided to lower my heartrate training zone for my mid week rides I was just doing them too hard. I looked back in my training diary to a more consistant part of the year and really looked at the differences betewwn then and now. Swam friday as if I had never been out of the pool, surely this is a sign of better technique, I missed 3 swims and that used to mean a lousy week of swimming until I got what I thought was the magical feel for the water. Ran 4 miles yesterday slow but thats ok. I am doing 30miles on the bike this morning. I have a slighty sore left heel I think it maybe time to replace my running shoes (I have 2 new pairs) or was it caused as a result of my sore right hip and I was compensating for it by running funny on my left heel.

Other stuff Teresa was at school camp4 days this week, taught in school Wednesday and kept Emily out of school Thursday so we could visit Teresa on camp. I had trouble sleeping , might be connected. Children were in bed early most nights so had a lot of time too myself although because I wasn't training I filled the time with bad tv and experimenting with fruit smoothies. At least it was healthy food and it won't happen again. Last Sunday I weighed 73.2kg my lowest weight for years (these last few months are the first time I've weighed myself) Ilooking in the mirrir comparing old photos. This morning 75.8kg shows what a week of bored eating will do. I want to keep it under 75kg and next summer I want to race at 70kg. I'm not doing anything special just normal healthy diet and lots of training.

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