Sunday, 16 March 2008

Cars get some more..

I read on various blogs and websites of the death of Kristy Gough and a fellow cyclist by a car and it saddens me. Every time I hear this type of news I feels a little of me goes with them, whilst we are not all fast we are kindred spirits.

Cameron had hi first haircut by a paid professional this week. It comes after his mother attacked his hair and gave him the mother of all bowl cuts.

I have decided that my aerobic efficiency sucks (This again is the result of doing only sprints since my return to the sport.)so I have lowered all my training heartrates and gone back to the consistant steady training that brought me to a reasonable standard 12 years ago and I feel better for it although it means slower longer rides.

Keep safe on the roads, never get complacent when it comes to other road users/misusers.

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