Monday, 3 March 2008

The hardest part of training

This is it the hardest bit TAKING A REST. I have known for the last few weeks this was coming I'm just really tired. I stopped enjoying my weekend rides, legs tired on the bike all the time and I couldn't get my heart rate up. Running wasn't so bad as I was running as I felt. Swimming was okay because I am drilling in fistgloves.

It is a combination of lots of things. Good consistant , training , Cameron starting Kindergarten and me walking him there and back, starting up swim cords on days I'm not in the pool.

I still want to train, I still miss training even though I only decided last Thursday to take a few days off (the weekend was my birthday 1 Mar I was 41) we went out for a great lunch and I was spoilt by the family and Ironman New Zealand was under way 2hours from here with friends taking part.

Today Monday I decided to take off the whole week. Even though I know the rest is good for me and I will get stronger because of it when you are addicted to training as so many of us are, I just can't help the old anxieties coming back. I'm at my fittest, lowest weight since my return to triathlon for about 11 years my resting heartrate is around the 32 mark (I seem to remember that years ago I had a 27 which stayed in mind because it was the same as Miguel Indurain). And I don't want to lose it and even though I know in a week I won't.

It is actually not a bad week to have off because Teresa is off on school camp Tuesday-Friday. I've got website designs to finish and submit to a client, a new prospective client coming round , I am teaching Wednesday and taking the children to visit Teresa on camp on Thursday.

Cameron (3yrs and a month) pedalled all the way to kindergarten on his trike today he was smiling and shouting fun all the way despite the rain. I have high hopes that he will become a pro cyclist or triathlete and I'll get to live vicariously through him and carry his bags.

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