Saturday, 6 September 2008

The curse continues

I knew I could only get 2 swims in this week because I was out seeing a client in one of my usual day time slots and my back up session Friday was a no go because of a swim meet. So I wasn't to down about it especially as I had swum really in the sessions I had done.

Came to do my strength session on the bike and turbo wednesday night, all was going well, then I punctured. This happens sometimes and I just accepted fixed the puncture and put it back on my bike. Friday I was putting my bike back on the turbo for training that might, and I accidently knocked the fans on the turbo and snapped one off. My turbo is a 17year windtrainer and although I've tried 2 others I just like the feel and load and the way it forces me into good circles. It has also been repaired by a plastic welder because I can't get parts for it. I glued the broken bit with a super strong glue, it looked as good as new. I left my bike at the sideof it went away and then heard a crash, Cameron had fiddled with it and the bike had crashed on top of it almost destroying one of the fans. I was very angry. I had no option but to carry on using it now until I can no longer use it.

Friday evening I was really enjoying my session and then it happened again , PUNCTURE!!!! I went and bought a new inner tube. But it means I have to do a bit of cycling on Saturday my normal day off, my Saturday is already because I have to go to see a client this afternoon because she doesn't have an internet connection in her shop so I have to show her how to use her website at her house. You wouldn't think this is a problem but it is an online shop for existing baby stuff shop. I have advised her that I don't think she is going to be able to do it successfully without the connection in her shop.

I can only advise and as long as I have done everything I can, I just accept payment and she has to do the rest.

Join the movement and we'll start a revolution - stop all unnecessary shopping - seperate your needs from your wants.

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